#Elfalong proves to be a success

A huge congratulations must go out to Stuart Heritage for setting up #Elfalong, a one off Twitter event at 3pm on Sunday that saw people across the country watching Elf on DVD whilst simultaneously tweeting along. Fueled by the news that Sky Movies had secured the rights to show Elf instead of being shown on Channel 4, Stuart took to Twitter to generate support for #Elfalong.

The outcome? An impressive 1,874 tweets mentioning the hashtag, peaking at 53 tweets per minute at exactly 3pm. Comedian Sarah Millican, a strong supporter of the event, saw one of her tweets retweeted over 100 times. Over 800 unique Twitter users tweeted using the #ElfAlong hashtag, producing a tweet pattern similar to that which we would see with a televised film.


With this result, #Elfalong would have easily made it into our top 20 leaderboard, beating the likes of ITV2’s The Xtra Factor and E4’s showing of A Knight’s Tale. With #Elfalong proving to be such a success, it’s only a matter of time until we see more tweet-alongs appearing. My suggestion? #Anchormanalong.

By Kay Dekker

9 December 2013