Rise in Twitter TV Engagement for Popular Entertainment

More and more, broadcasters are seeing the value in creating an interactive experience for viewers through Twitter. Whether it’s through sharing a hashtag on screen, tweeting extra content for fans or even asking viewers to participate through live tweet-votes, the relationship between TV and Twitter continues to grow and develop. As broadcasters strive to find new ways to bridge the gap between first and second screen, we’ve seen a rise in Twitter engagement around popular entertainment shows.

With its 156,000 tweet finale last night, BBC2’s Great British Bake Off is one series that has seen a huge increase in Twitter engagement year on year. The opening episode of this series of the baking competition saw a massive 4 times the tweet volume of 2012’s first show, reaching a total of 79,000 tweets. Average tweets posted per minute during the opening episode jumped from 286 in 2012, to 1,013 tweets per minute in 2013, helping the show reach a four figure minute peak and seeing it at the top of our social TV leaderboard.

British Bake Off Final

Last night’s Bake Off series final topped the already large 109,000-tweet 2012 finale by almost 50,000 tweets, and hitting a series peak of 6,824 tweets per minute as the winner was announced. Interaction was encouraged by over 60 tweets posted from the official @BritishBakeOff Twitter account sharing photos and commentary, as well as tweets from other verified accounts including @Heatworld (346,000 followers), @MarksandSpencer (262,000 followers) and @ELLEUK (554,000 followers). With the show’s tweets on the rise, it was also announced last week that the series will be moving to BBC1 next year, having already become one of BBC2’s top tweeted series of the year.

Another year on year rise in engagement we’ve seen is for The X Factor. Last year’s opening episode comfortably passed the 400K-tweet mark, reaching 443,599 tweets for the 75 minute programme. However, the opening episode the current series saw a 25% increase on 2012, breaking the 500K tweet mark, and generating 552,399 tweets. The 2013 opener prompted 50,000 more individuals tweet than the same broadcast in 2012.

X Factor 2012 and 2013

Educating Yorkshire is has also been hugely popular with tweeters over the last 8 weeks. The first episode of the popular 2011 predecessor of the Yorkshire series, Educating Essex, saw 18,349 tweets. Educating Yorkshire however, went on to accumulate 6 times that volume for its first episode, generating 126,565 tweets from over 82,000 individuals. Using on screen hashtags and personable characters that viewers can relate to has meant the whole series has generated high tweet volumes.

Educating Yorkshire

As viewers come to expect broadcasters to provide an online conversation around new TV entertainment, the relationship between first and second screen is growing fast, and television tweet numbers around recent series suggest that it will only continue to develop.

by Kirsten Williams

22 October 2013