Riding the coat-tails of Social TV

We’re often asked what is the significance of a show having high social ratings. One of the key benefits we see is that if offers an opportunity for brands to tap into this social audience. Two weeks ago Freeview launched the following spot, by creative agency The Outfit, during Made in Chelsea which is a great example of this.

Tonight the last episode of the current series of Made in Chelsea airs, ending a 10 week run. I’ve watched most of the previous 9 episodes, purely for research purposes you’ll understand. As one of the top ranking shows socially, averaging over 100k tweets per episodes, I feel it’s my duty to watch it. You may not have seen the show yourself so I thought I’d share some insights into why it’s such a social success.

Made in Chelsea Series Social Ratings Social statistics for the current series of Made In Chelsea

The show has an incredibly loyal social fan base who love to tweet their commentary on whatever love triangle is happening on any given week, show their disapproval at love rats, we’re looking at you Jamie, or comment on cast members olfactory organs:

The E4 official Made in Chelsea twitter account, currently run by Layla West, does a great job contributing to this conversation and curating the best of the audience tweets:

So going back to the Freeview+ campaign, we tracked mentions of Freeview for 10 minutes after the ads aired for the last two weeks and found that the spots generated over 1000 mentions on Twitter over the two 10 minute periods immediately after the advert.

Mentions of Freeview on Twitter driven by Made in Chelsea ad slot. Mentions of Freeview on Twitter driven by Made in Chelsea ad slot.

What is incredible is how positive the reaction to the spot was, I couldn’t find a single negative comment amongst the tweets. This is an unedited list of the first 10 tweets about the advert to give you a flavour, the 1000+ tweets that followed are pretty much more of the same.

Mentions of Freeview on Twitter driven by Made in Chelsea ad slot. The first 10 tweets about the Freview advert

Another benefit of targetting Made is Chelsea is that most of the cast, who have large numbers of Twitter followers, tweet along to the show. The star of the advert was one of those tweeting and he also commented on the advert.

The Freeview spot is a great example of how you can intelligently target social audiences to get some of their buzz to rub off on your brand.

By Ted Littledale

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17 December 2012

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