Taking a look Inside No 9

With the final episode of the series being aired last night, Inside No 9 has created an entirely new genre of its own with four of the six episodes producing near identical Tweet patterns.

Normally this wouldn’t be surprising for a TV show, most follow ‘unwritten rules’ in terms of Twitter chatter depending on which genre they belong to. For example, dramas see peaks at the beginning and end of the transmission while reality shows see constant chatter throughout. We usually expect to see the same style of graph produced again and again, but this is where Inside No 9 differs. Thinking that as the show is made by BBC Comedy it must fit in the genre is misleading. While there are laughs there’s also a horror aspect, something that isn’t particularly common on UK television. The mix of the two genres is what sees the unique graphs produced by Inside No 9.


While there is a slight peak in Tweets as the show begins, the main conversation comes immediately as the credits begin to roll. The four episodes that have produced similar graphs each had a rather spectacular twist moments beforehand, causing viewers to turn to their second screen to express their shock and share theories (we’ve previously looked into why Inside No 9 isn’t a typical comedy). The interaction from @ReeceShearsmith and the @BBCComedy account also helped to maintain chatter in the half hour after transmission.


The next step will be to see if any other show can reproduce the type of Tweet pattern created by Inside No 9. It may be that Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith have created an entirely new type of genre that no one can match. With the second series confirmed, it will be even more interesting to see if the trend continues in the next batch of episodes. Only time will tell.

By Kay Dekker

13 March 2014

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Social TV to look out for - Made in Chelsea returns

With new and returning shows constantly appearing on our screens, we’ve gathered together a selection of shows that will drive Twitter chatter in the coming weeks. From reality to drama, there’s something for everyone and below are just a few shows that you might see in our leaderboards…

Made In Chelsea - 7th April E4
There’s no question as to whether the new series of E4’s Made In Chelsea will make an impact on Twitter. The show’s last series saw an average of 108,719 Tweets per episode, with the highest generated being 217,370 Tweets in the opening episode. This total was the 3rd largest we have on record for the show, the biggest being 304,431 Tweets on 8th April last year followed by 230,461 Tweets on 15th October ’12. We have 4,594,958 Tweets on record for the show as a whole, making it the 8th most tweeted about programme that we track.


The Widower - 17th March ITV1
Always generating high numbers, ITV Drama have another chilling series in store for us with The Widower. Starring Reece Shearsmith and Sheridan Smith and based on true events, the three-part drama hits our screens on 17th March. The most recent drama from ITV has of course been Mr. Selfridge, which so far has an average of 3,119 Tweets an episode. A previous ITV drama starring Sheridan Smith is Mrs. Biggs, which saw its final episode generate an impressive 16,090 Tweets. With these sort of numbers coming from previous ITV dramas, will The Widower be able to live up to its predecessors?


W1A - 19 March BBC Two
The follow up to BBC’s Olympic Comedy Twenty Twelve, W1A sees Hugh Bonneville once again take up the role of Ian Fletcher. With the final three episodes of Twenty Twelve generating impressive totals for 30 minute episodes, W1A has a lot to live up to. The highest amount came from the final episode which saw 3,086 Tweets, peaking at 198 TPM as the series came to a close. The episode made it into our top ten as 2,601 Tweets mentioned the hashtag #TwentyTwelve.


Crazy Beaches - 15th March ITV2
ITV2’s interactive show, Crazy Beaches, returns to our screens on Saturday. The show is one of the first to encourage viewers to vote live via Twitter on the outcome of the different scenarios featured. First airing back in September, the opening episode generated 6,142 Tweets with over 1,000 Tweets dedicated to the hashtags used to vote in the show.


Other upcoming TV shows to look out for…
Game of Thrones – Sky Atlantic
Sports Relief - BBC One/Two
Endeavour – ITV1
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Channel 4

By Kay Dekker

11 March 2014


7 Days of Social TV - Gogglebox Returns to C4

Gogglebox Returns to C4 with Top Tweets

Friday night saw the return of Channel 4’s Gogglebox, which generated its highest recorded total volume of 46,549 Tweets, almost double its previous Tweet high. The show reached a peak of 1,627 Tweets per minute and averaged at 610 TPM, again beating previous records set by the programme. Fan favourites Leon and June saw themselves mentioned in over 3,600 Tweets, the highest of any of the households, and were mentioned in the top three retweeted Tweets.

Gogglebox Returns to C4

1D Twitter Boost for Graham Norton

Monday’s repeat airing of The Graham Norton Show made a rare appearance at the top of our social TV leaderboard, thanks to a Tweet for One Direction’s Niall Horan. The post from Horan, sent ten minutes after the show finished, saw a huge response generating 13,752 retweets during our tracking. These retweets made up the majority of interaction around the show, which collected 14,276 Tweets in total, only 492 of those being original posts.

Dancing on Ice Glides to 60K Tweets

Last night’s Dancing on Ice finale saw over four times the show’s average episode Twitter chatter with 59,639 Tweets. Ray Quinn, the series winner, was mentioned in over 21,000 Tweets, while the hashtag #DOIRay trended not only in the UK but worldwide too. A peak of 1,345 TPM was reached as the winner was announced, also the highest point of engagement this series. The most retweeted post about the programme was sent from the official @DancingonIce account, giving thanks to ice stars Torvill and Dean for their involvement in the show, which collected 646 retweets during our monitoring. The series as a whole generated over 250,000 Tweets.

Dancing on Ice Finale

10 March 2014


7 Days of Social TV - 69K Tweets for BBC The Voice

The Voice’s First Battle Round Wins 69K Tweets

BBC One’s The Voice began the Battle Rounds this weekend, creating its biggest Twitter response since the opening episode of the series, with 69,583 Tweets. Over 36,000 individuals posted about the 2-hour episode, helping make it Saturday’s most tweeted TV. Tweets peaked at over double the episode’s 460 TPM average, reaching 1,389 TPM as contestants Christina Marie and Nathan Amzi sang The Power of Love.

The Voice Battle Rounds

Graham Norton Finishes on a Twitter High Note

The top show on Friday night’s leaderboard was the final episode of the current series of The Graham Norton Show, which attracted 16,551 Tweets, the most it has recorded for an episode in 2014. The most popular guest on the show was Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, mentioned in over 5,600 Tweets, while a peak of 506 TPM was reached in reaction to Ellie Goulding’s live performance. Overall, 75,646 Tweets have been recorded for the eight episodes broadcast in this series.

Graham Norton Top 2014

The Valleys Reaches The Top Spot for MTV

The Valleys returned to MTV this week climbing to the top of our Tuesday social TV leaderboard. With 29,840 Tweets the show was over 20,000 Tweets clear of the day’s second most tweeted, 10 Things I Hate About You on E4. This is the fourth highest Tweet volume the show has seen in the last year, the highest being 58,972 Tweets for the opening episode of series 2.

New Shows Make an Impact on Twitter

Our leaderboards this week have seen a rush of new and returning shows. Monday saw three returning shows make the top ten, the highest being Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute in second place with 22,837 Tweets. Tuesday again saw three new/returning shows in the top ten with the return of The Vampire Diaries coming in fourth position with 6,019 Tweets. Wednesday saw ITV2’s new show Party Wright Around The World generate 15,053 Tweets, placing second on our leaderboard.

3 March 2014


Tracking Ads

At SecondSync, we realised the value of tracking social media chatter around TV shows very early on. We also knew that this was just part of the picture and for our clients to realise the true value of social TV, there was a need to understand how TV advertising drives engagement.

In order to achieve our goal of offering a complete social TV solution, we have been developing a comprehensive ad monitoring system that detects commercial breaks and individual ad airings in real time.

Today we’re excited to surface a small part of this system in our existing social TV dashboard. For selected channels, ad breaks are visualised in orange and displayed under our Twitter minute data. This highlights some of the differences we see in engagement patterns across TV genres. My Mad Fat Diary (Monday 24th Feb 2014, E4) clearly shows the audience chatting during ad breaks, but Take Me Out (Saturday 15th Feb 2014, ITV) highlights Twitter engagement happening predominately in the show airing. As we track ads in realtime, customers will see this data immediately.

Tracking Ads

This is just scratching the surface. We are developing a new product to visualise responses to ads themselves, focusing on social calls to action. Our research has demonstrated that 20% of campaigns have a social media call to action and for the first time our clients will be able to easily measure the impact these spots have on the social reach of TV campaigns. We’ll be making an announcement about a beta product launch in the near future.

by Andy Littledale

27 February 2014


The Story of Sochi 2014 - in Tweets

For the past two and a half weeks we’ve been tracking the daily Twitter buzz around the Winter Olympics, measuring the level of online conversation about Sochi 2014 in order to pinpoint the biggest talking points and peaks of engagement.

From midnight on Thursday 6th February to midnight on Sunday 23rd February there were a total of 5.4m uses of the hashtag #Sochi2014, with the highest total coming on the day of the Opening Ceremony, where it was used in 672k Tweets.

We recorded over 16k Tweets talking specifically about BBC Two’s broadcast of the Opening Ceremony, with the peak in TPM coming as viewers reacted to the fifth ring failing to open in the Olympics logo.


Ice Hockey was the biggest driver of online engagement, accounting for our top three peaks in TPM. The highest peak came on Saturday 15th, as USA defeated old foes Russia in a shootout. Canada defeated USA in overtime of the women’s final on February 20th for the third highest peak we recorded in our tracking, and the next day Canada defeated USA again in the men’s semi final. That provoked the Canadian Prime Minister to send out the most popular Tweet of the day:

Team GB can consider their Winter Olympics campaign a success after equaling their best ever medal tally of four, previously achieved at Chamonix in 1924. Mentions of Team GB, including the official team handle and the hashtags #TeamGB and #GoTeamGB, totaled 250k Tweets across our seventeen days of 24-hour tracking. The greatest share came on Sunday 9th with 42k Tweets from or about Team GB, as snowboarder Jenny Jones claimed their first medal of the tournament.

There were over 12k Tweets specific to the BBC’s broadcast of the Closing Ceremony, with a noticeable spike as the giant Sochi mascot blew out the Olympic flame to signal the end of the games.


Next we’ll be looking at the Paralympics in Sochi, which you can follow on Twitter using the hashtags #Sochi2014 and #Paralympics. Also, follow the official Paralympics account, Team GB and Channel 4’s TV coverage of the games.

By Eliot Brammer

25 February 2014


7 Days of Social TV - Towie Twitter Chatter Hits 138K

TOWIE Returns to ITV2 with 138K Tweets

Last night saw the return of ITV2 favourite The Only Way is Essex, which easily took the top spot of our leaderboard with 138,833 Tweets. Opening to a peak of 5,448 Tweets per minute, the show generated its fourth highest total volume, and collected Tweets from 78,065 individuals. The term TOWIE and hashtag #TOWIE were collectively used in over 101K Tweets and it’s therefore unsurprising to learn that the hashtag was trending both in the UK and worldwide during the programme. The most talked about cast member was Ferne McCann who was mentioned in almost 13,000 of the show’s Tweets, closely followed by Mario Falcone with 11,300 mentions.

TOWIE Series 11

4 Million Tweets Hit a High Note for The Brits
The Brits 2014 saw a record-breaking numbers on Twitter last week generating over 4 million Tweets from almost 1 million individuals. The massive response to the awards secured it as the most tweeted non-sporting event recorded, partly thanks to the show’s live Twitter vote, which was won by One Direction.
ITV Tops Saturday Night’s Social TV

The return of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway completed a top three sweep for ITV on Saturday night sitting third on our leaderboard, with the Jonathan Ross Show and Take Me Out taking the first and second spots in front of it. 44,201 Tweets represented a strong return for the duo’s long running entertainment show, although it was a fair amount less than the 134,288 Tweets for the first episode of 2013. Most tweeted of the evening, Jonathan Ross, had McBusted to thank for its top Twitter chatter, with 49,000 of the show’s 57,484 Tweets mentioning the band and its members.

McBusted on Jonathan Ross

Twitter Joins Monday’s Live Debates

Monday night saw Channel 4 and Channel 5 go head-to-head, with both broadcasters airing live topical debates generating a combined total of over 97,000 Tweets. The live follow up to Channel 4’s controversial series Benefits Street attracted 56,062 Tweets, while Channel 5 tackled the divisive issue of immigration in a two hour special which collected 41,441 Tweets, including a peak of 638 TPM when Katie Hopkins joined the on screen debate.

Top Female Tweets for My Mad Fat Diary

My Mad Fat Diary returned to E4 on Monday night generating 64,791 Tweets, the highest total the show has ever recorded, with a rather substantial 83% coming from female tweeters. Peaking at 2,744 TPM during the opening minutes, both #MMFD and #MyMadFatDiary trended worldwide whilst the show averaged at 800 TPM, another record for the show.

Record Breaking Twitter Chatter for The BRIT Awards

Last night’s Brit Awards 2014 saw almost 1 million individuals take to Twitter to talk about the live broadcast, helping to create the biggest night the awards have ever seen on the social network.

Over 4 million Tweets were posted about the awards, more than doubling last year’s 1.5 million Tweet total. The show’s massive Twitter response helped The BRIT Awards break three long-standing UK records: the highest ever recorded Tweet volume for a non sport related TV show (previously held by Comic Relief 2013 with 1.5 million tweets), peak Tweets per minute figure of 78,976 (easily breaking The X Factor’s previous record minute peak of 49,398) and the highest average Tweets posted per minute with 27K (more than doubling the previous X Factor record).

BRIT Awards 2014

Twitter chatter around the show was boosted by the Awards’ first live Twitter vote, allowing viewers to choose who would win Best British Music Video by tweeting their choice. Five hashtags were shared onscreen near the beginning of the show, prompting a rush of over 550,000 Tweets posted in just 10 minutes. Winners of the award, One Direction, were mentioned in over 2 million of the show’s Tweets, with the most retweeted post of the evening being shared by Liam Payne, receiving 73,000 retweets during our monitoring.

Performing acts throughout the night drove thousands of viewer Tweets, including the Arctic Monkeys who saw peaks around their opening performance and two wins (particularly for Alex Turner’s final acceptance speech) and Beyonce, whose appearance drove yet another big peak in engagement.


This year’s BRIT Awards certainly made its mark on Twitter, and with such a huge response you can be sure that we’ll be seeing more high profile live votes using the platform in the future.

by Kirsten Williams

Twitter Joins The On Screen Debate Live

Last night saw two live debates air on Channel 4 and Channel 5, both tackling current social issues and both inviting viewers to join the debate in real time on Twitter.

Channel 4’s Benefits Britain: The Live Debate focused on issues raised in the channel’s Benefits Street series and collected 56,062 Tweets; the most Tweets any Benefits Street episode has generated. The one hour programme played out with high levels of chatter on Twitter throughout, producing an average 745 Tweets per minute. The highest point of Twitter engagement saw the show reach 1,094 TPM towards the end of the show.

Benefits Britain Live

As Channel 4 broadcasted Benefits Britain Live, over on Channel 5 another live debate was in full swing from 8pm in the form of The Big British Immigration Row. At two hours long this programme also drove high chatter throughout, averaging at 295 TPM during the broadcast. The show’s largest boost in Twitter conversation, which came halfway though the programme, was prompted by Katie Hopkins’ appearance and produced a peak of 638 TPM. After this point levels of chatter continued around the 300-400 Tweets per minute mark, jumping from just under 200 per minute before Hopkins joined the debate.


Both live programmes performed well on Twitter, driving numerous UK trends and eventually both #BenefitsBritain and #BigImmigrationRow trended worldwide. A mere 4 Tweets separated each programme’s most retweeted post, with Benefits Britain collecting 232 retweets for a post from George Aylett and the Big Immigration Row collecting 228 retweets for its most shared post, which incidentally mentioned both shows.

Channel 5 also broadcast their own live benefits debate, The Big Benefits Row Live, two weeks ago, featuring the Benefits Street star White Dee who appeared alongside Katie Hopkins. This one hour programme saw almost 40,000 more Tweets than last night’s Channel 4 debate on the same subject, totalling 95,832 Tweets. Katie Hopkins seems to have given a boost to both of Channel 5’s recent live debates, being mentioned in just under 30,000 Tweets during the Big Benefits Row Live and a further 13,400 during last night’s debate; accounting for over a quarter of each show’s total Tweet volume.

Both of last night’s programmes continued to spark conversation on Twitter long after the broadcasts ended at 10pm, with a total of 15,000 Tweets posted about the shows in the 30 minutes after they finished.

by Kirsten Williams

18 February 2014


7 Days of Social TV - 200,000 Tweets Help BAFTA Top Last Year’s Awards

The BATFAs Win 200,000 Tweets During Last Night’s Awards

The British Academy Film Awards dominated the weekend’s social TV with over 200,000 Tweets posted for the broadcast on BBC1. Up from last year’s 160K Tweets, this year saw a peak of 2,769 Tweets per minute as Tinie Tempah high-fived Prince William. #BAFTAs trended worldwide, whilst a host of other UK trends were spotted in relation to the ceremony including Chiwetel Ejiofor, Cate Blanchett and Steve McQueen who all took home BAFTAs. #12YearsaSlave and Gravity also trended in the UK thanks to the night’s wins for both films.

BAFTA 2014

Splash! Finishes on a 53K Tweet High for ITV

ITV featured strongly in Saturday night’s social TV with Splash!, Take Me Out and the Jonathan Ross Show all occupying spots in the top 5 of our leaderboard. The day’s most tweeted show was the final episode of this year’s series of Splash!, which received 53,491 Tweets, the highest Tweet volume for the show since the 78,000-Tweet opening episode. Twitter engagement was partly driven by a post from Niall Horan in support of contestant Keith Duffy, which attracted 20,973 retweets during our monitoring and created a peak of 7,151 TPM before the show started. This year’s diving champion, Perri Kiely, of dance group Diversity, was mentioned in over 11,000 Tweets across the show. Meanwhile, ITV’s Take Me Out also retained its popularity with a total of 29,337 Tweets on Saturday night.

Splash! Final

Troy Clinches E4’s First Top Tweeted Spot of 2014

E4’s new magic series, Troy, clinched the channel’s first top tweeted spot on our leaderboard of 2014 on Tuesday with 16,897 Tweets. The illusionist drove high peaks in Twitter chatter throughout the programme as viewers reacted to his tricks, reaching 729 TPM as the show ended. Almost 12,000 individuals tweeted about the new series, helping #Troy to trend both in the UK and worldwide.

Deal or no Deal Hits the Jackpot on Twitter

The tweets for Wednesday’s episode of Channel 4’s Deal or no Deal reflected the on-screen action as a player won the £250,000 jackpot. Tweets jumped from an average of 77 per minute to 712 per minute as the tension rose and the jackpot was won, pushing to Tweet volume to 6,062 for the episode, which is over 8 times the episode average for last year. The last big win on the show on August 12th last year showed an almost identical Tweet pattern and totaled 8,500 Tweets.

17 February 2014

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